The Montreat Trail Club is an organization formed of those who have a shared interest in the conservation of the 4,000 or so acres of the Montreat Wilderness.  Whether that interest for you is one that has been formed through generations of Montreaters, or that you simply got lost, drove through the gates, found a trail and walked it, and have been exploring the wilderness ever since, we welcome you. 

The overall goal that we are striving to meet is to form a volunteer community dedicated to the stewardship of the wilderness through service, education, and community.  As the summer approaches we are looking forward to expanding our membership, leading hikes in and outside of the valley, getting to know each other, as well as becoming more familiar with the wilderness and what tasks lie ahead of us in it.  Come fall we plan to shift to a more service oriented base as we plan and implement work days and weekends on the trails, all the while teaching and learning from each other, and expanding our knowledge of the outdoors. 

If this interests you please consider scrolling up to the Join the Club tab.  We are currently offering a number of annual membership levels.  Whether you choose to give through a monetary contribution, or a contributing your time, we equally welcome your interest and participation at whatever level you chose to give.  Whether you are local to the valley, a seasonal resident, or a visitor, we hope you will join us.

The Montreat Wilderness is used by many people, and is becoming one of the more popular hiking areas of Western North Carolina.  We believe that it is our responsibility to work toward the continued conservation of wilderness, while creating and maintaining the trails that are used to access it.  Thank you for your interest, and support.


The trails of the Montreat valley are on the private property of the Mountain Retreat Association (better known as Montreat Conference Center.)  2500 acres of the valley is in a conservation easement in perpetuity. The easement is managed by The Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy.

For more information on Montreat Conference Center including trail regulations, printable maps, and other services please visit:

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